Monday, September 10, 2012

Raspberry and Chocolate cakes

Today I'm going to share a closer look at the raspberry cake that was shown in my first blog post. It was the first cake I made out of polymer clay. I made it before I was careful about sizing to 1:12 scale, but I still think it's a good example of a raspberry cake. The frosting was made with white acrylic paint and the insides were made out of polymer clay colored with red acrylic paint. I created the cake texture using a sewing needle. This was a really fun cake to create, I hope you enjoy it!

 This chocolate cake was made shortly after the raspberry cake and is the same size as the raspberry one, too. The frosting on this one is a bit different because I also added TLS (Translucent liquid sculpey) to the mix so it doesn't have a plastic-like feeling to it. The chocolate cake was also texturized with a sewing needle. I do that by swirling the needle around in circles "teasing" the clay again and again until I get the effect I'm looking for.