Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy Canes and Lollipops

I have been busy this week making more candy canes and some rainbow lollipops in 1:12th scale! Candy canes are so much fun to make, I ended up making forty of them!

Making the rainbow lollipops was very similar to making the candy canes except I used more colors, modeled them into a different shape and put them onto some sanded down toothpicks. I love using bright colors so making candy is super fun!

This is a 1:12th scale candy cane.

Once I started making candy canes I challenged myself to make one as small as possible! These are the tiniest candy canes I could make! Next to a toothpick for size comparison. I wonder what scale these really tiny candy canes would be...
Here is a shot of the tiny candy canes next to a 1:12th scaled candy cane!  Well, I'm off to do some more sculpting now! Hope your having a great week!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Miniature Thanksgiving Meal

Happy Thanksgiving! Our house smells so delicious today. My Dad always makes the best festive dinner! Chicken, stuffing, corn, carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberries, both a berry and a pumpkin pie... Here's a 1:12th scale Thanksgiving dinner just waiting to be eaten!

Here we have green beans, steamed carrots, cranberries, buns, a huge pumpkin pie, and a roasted chicken! The pumpkin pie is larger than 1:12th scale because I used a larger bottle cap as the pie tin. The next pumpkin pie I make will be in 1:12th scale though!

I was really excited to make my first roasted chicken! Maybe I'd make it a bit longer next time. Other than that I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I can't wait to make another roasted chicken for Christmas!

I think the green beans might be a little bright. They're very green! I'm going to experiment with the color some more!

Ah, bread. I love making any kind of bread out of polymer clay. I think these buns were my favorite part of the meal to make!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Candy

This week I have been busy making all sorts of tiny Christmas candies! I'm going to be using the candy to decorate the miniature gingerbread houses I'm planning on making soon. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I'm going to be sculpting a big festive dinner, and lots of desserts to celebrate!

Lollipops, candy canes, licorice, peppermints, gumdrops, gumballs, and huge peppermint sticks! I'm probably going to cut the peppermint sticks in half so they can actually fit on the gingerbread houses.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chocolate chip cookies

This weekend I made an updated batch of polymer clay chocolate chip cookies! Sculpting miniature cookies always makes me hungry for real cookies..Doesn't it for you? Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I've spent this past month slowly creating a collection of miniature themed foods for a big banquet to celebrate Halloween! I was hoping to post my tiny celebration on Halloween but I was so busy at a real life party and lots of trick or treating that I didn't have the time. But better late then never! I am really excited about this and I learned a lot while making all of these miniature foods and I had a lot of fun! So without further ado here is the feast!

 I imagine the ghost pops to have a cakey texture inside and the "ghost" part to be white frosting with melted chocolate chips for the eyes and mouths!

The cookie fingers in the cup were inspired from a Martha Stewart Halloween magazine. They were one of my favorites to make!

These are chocolate marshmallow ghosts. These actually don't have any polymer clay in them! I mixed some all purpose baking flour and acrylic paint together and then just put some of the mixture onto tinfoil and baked it at 250F. for five minutes. Its a great substitute for frosting if you don't have any Translucent Liquid Sculpey or  Liquid Fimo around!

The ghost cookies were probably the smallest thing I have ever sculpted in polymer clay. The reason some of their eyes are a little messed up is because they had an unfortunate fall off my desk after they had been made and then I ended up squishing a few with my feet while trying to find them all!

My dollhouse family wishes you a happy Halloween!!