Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy Canes and Lollipops

I have been busy this week making more candy canes and some rainbow lollipops in 1:12th scale! Candy canes are so much fun to make, I ended up making forty of them!

Making the rainbow lollipops was very similar to making the candy canes except I used more colors, modeled them into a different shape and put them onto some sanded down toothpicks. I love using bright colors so making candy is super fun!

This is a 1:12th scale candy cane.

Once I started making candy canes I challenged myself to make one as small as possible! These are the tiniest candy canes I could make! Next to a toothpick for size comparison. I wonder what scale these really tiny candy canes would be...
Here is a shot of the tiny candy canes next to a 1:12th scaled candy cane!  Well, I'm off to do some more sculpting now! Hope your having a great week!