Monday, October 29, 2012

1:12th Scale Macaroons

Today I completely rearranged my dollhouse so that I could make a little setup with the 1:12th scale macaroons I sculpted! This is my second attempt at making macaroons. My first attempt didn't go so well as they were way out of scale and I tried to paint them afterwards instead of using colored clay. I am happy with how this batch turned out though! I love making tiny scenes and my dollhouse mother was very happy to pose with the macaroons!

I have only made pink macaroons so far but I plan to make many more in different colors too!

Imagine having macaroons for breakfast while reading the morning paper and sipping a nice cup of tea/coffee..I don't really know whether or not people actually eat macaroons for breakfast. But it sounds cozy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Collection of Handmade Treasures

These are some knit/sewn/painted rock dolls I have made!

The first two are a fuzzy creature and a snail. The fuzzy creature was made on a knitting machine. I made another fuzzy creature but that one was to shy for me to take photos of! The snail is hand-knit and I embroidered on the eyes and mouth. I made up the pattern as I went on the snail so sadly I don't have a pattern to make more snail friends.. I'll have to make an updated snail pattern someday!

These three sewn dolls are (from left to right) Candyfloss, Mini Baby, and my version of an Ugly Doll. We got my mom an Ugly Doll bat one year for her birthday and I loved it so much I wanted to make my own! I remember working really hard on sewing the eyes and making sure the stitches were as even as possible as I could do at the time!

Candyfloss and a little pet rock on a stone covered in moss! The cherry blossom tree watercolor painting you see in the background was painted by me as a gift for one of my sisters.

And Candyfloss, the pet rock, Mini Baby, and my Ugly Doll all together with a watercolor painting I did of a chameleon!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Colored Pencils and Ink Drawings

I used my Prismacolor colored pencils and Sakura pens to make these drawings!

Bearded dragon


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Self Portrait


This is a graphite drawing I made earlier this year from a photo of myself as a toddler! The hair was really fun to draw with the little sprout!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Field trip to the MIA

Recently me and my mom took a trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I worked on sketching some paintings from the masters!

This was my first time sketching in a busy public place. I found it uncomfortable working with so many people talking and looking over my shoulder. I plan to practice working in public places more as I would like to be able to comfortably sketch in places other than home! It will definitely take some getting used too!

Other than that I had a really good time. I love being able to see all of those paintings in real life! We brought home some art books and a post card of (the painting you see above) "Six Tuscan Poets" By Giorgio Vasari. He painted this in 1544!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Doll work in progress

I am currently working on a little hand sewn doll!  She's too small for me to sew on my sewing machine so I have sewn all of her body parts by hand. Of course machine sewing would go a lot faster but I'm enjoying hand sewing! I am making her from this amazing pattern (It is written in German) If you're interested in making a little doll too this is a great pattern!

I have put sand in her body and legs to give her a nice weight when I hold her.

I'm planning to sew on the arms, paint her facial features, add hair, and then make her a nice outfit! I'll show you more photo's when she's further along!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink Willow Tree painting

This is a painting of a pink willow tree landscape I created a couple of days ago! I used my usual set of GRUMBACHER watercolors to paint this. I wanted it it be a bright and cheerful painting! I enjoyed mixing all of the vibrant colors!

The texture of the tree bark was achieved by using very little water with the paint and a stiff bristled brush.

For the leaves of the tree I held the paper vertically and used lots of water with the paint to make the paint dribble down.

The leaves are blowing to the left in the wind in a cool spring breeze. I felt like doing something spring related with all the cold autumn days we've been having!

Monday, October 1, 2012

French and rustic bread loaves

Here are some 1:12th scale rustic bread loaves and a loaf of french bread. The rustic loaves were so much fun to sculpt, I especially liked making the tic-tac toe on the top of the bread! I  made these with a combination of Sculpey and Premo clay and colored them with pastels and acrylic paint.

Size comparison.

And lastly a fresh loaf of braided bread! This my absolute favorite work I have done in polymer clay!