Friday, September 7, 2012

French bread

Another crisp, on the way to Autumn, day. I've been busy making some piping hot french bread!

This is my first attempt at making polymer clay french bread, I felt like today was perfect weather to give it a go! Autumn weather really makes you crave that crispy crust, then the warm insides of the bread..Yum.


  1. You know what I love about your blog? You write everything the way you would if it was the real thing (which it looks like it is)! Just another great piece of artwork from Esme Holsather!

  2. This makes me eager for fall! The way you put the leaves in your photo and describe the warm yummy bread fresh from the oven... YUM! I sometimes wish I could just take it out of the photo and eat it! Looks great! I am your number 1 fan!

  3. Beautiful work! You are an amazing artist.