Monday, October 29, 2012

1:12th Scale Macaroons

Today I completely rearranged my dollhouse so that I could make a little setup with the 1:12th scale macaroons I sculpted! This is my second attempt at making macaroons. My first attempt didn't go so well as they were way out of scale and I tried to paint them afterwards instead of using colored clay. I am happy with how this batch turned out though! I love making tiny scenes and my dollhouse mother was very happy to pose with the macaroons!

I have only made pink macaroons so far but I plan to make many more in different colors too!

Imagine having macaroons for breakfast while reading the morning paper and sipping a nice cup of tea/coffee..I don't really know whether or not people actually eat macaroons for breakfast. But it sounds cozy!


  1. Yum! I am sure your mother was happy that you choose HER to pose! Looks great! i would like to see more set-ups like these in the future... :D

  2. Very nice! I'd love macaroons for breakfast.